Available Now!!
Trifecta Basketball is now offering a REDUCED year round membership that will include all of the following programs at a discounted rate:
- Spring Travel Program:                   $750
- Fall Travel Program:                       $500
- Winter Program:                            $500
           Typical total cost:                          $1750 a year
To sign up for each program individually would cost $1750 however by signing up for a year long membership the cost is $1400! You save 20%.
To join there is a deposit of $700 due with the registration and then 2  payments of $350 each. 
The year-round membership includes a player gear package and uninforms.
To sign up please click HERE to download the player packet. Once you have mailed your player packet and payment please email us at trifectabball@gmail.com and we will email you a confirmation with the stocking stuffer gift certificate you can print out for Christmas!!

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